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Join us in creating a legacy of health for all generations.

Your support will help us change the fate of children and families with inherited cancer genes. Thank you for helping us make a legacy of hope and health a reality.

How you can help:

Your donation today will be put to work immediately on projects that are part of the HeritX Roadmap to Prevention for BRCA cancers, which guides all of our research.  This Roadmap and our  HeritX International Coalition to Prevent Inherited Cancer create groundbreaking collaborative research that accelerates the search for prevention.  HeritX only funds research that will have the greatest impact on the development of therapies that can intervene to prevent BRCA cancers while keeping people health and whole.  $250 can fund one day of research on one of these projects.

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We joined the Friends of HeritX because we want to change our children’s future:

If we could change one thing we passed on to our children, it would be the possibility that they carry the BRCA gene. Our lives are filled with people who have been affected by cancer, we always hear about developments in treating those cancers, a very worthy endeavor, but we rarely hear about preventing and stopping cancer before it starts. We believe HeritX will change that and help facilitate scientists all over the world working together to reengineer the cancer process. Our family dreads the day we have to test our children to find out if they are BRCA carriers and then face the decisions related to being a young person with the mutation. Our hope is to be a part of the solution by supporting HeritX in their effort to prevent BRCA related cancers.

Wendy Felson & David Goodman

HeritX is a 501(c)(3) public charity.  All donations are tax deductible.  Tax ID #47-3425850