What will it mean to prevent BRCA cancers in the future?

HeritX is a patient-driven organization bringing the voices of people with BRCA mutations into the early research and development process. The Prevention Advocacy Network will address issues relevant to the experience of families living with BRCA mutations and bridge the gap between the needs of families and the work being done in the laboratory. Your voice on research goals and priorities is critical. Please join us and help advance prevention of inherited cancers! Start by joining our mailing list and attending one of our upcoming Prevention Advocacy Network discussion forums.

HeritX Prevention Advisory Network
Forum & Discussion on the Future of BRCA Cancer Prevention and Research

Do you want to have input into what prevention will look like for the next generation of BRCA carriers?
If so, please join us for a prevention forum to voice your dreams and to learn more about the HeritX Prevention Advocacy Network (PAN) and the HeritX Global Initiative to Prevent Inherited BRCA Cancer.

November 20, 2016 from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

Leo Baeck Temple, Los Angeles, California

RSVP Required!
Address and directions will be mailed to you with your RSVP confirmation.

Additional meetings will be held on the East Coast and Midwest in 2017.

Today, surgery is the only option for preventing BRCA cancers. While many women do choose this route, removing breasts and ovaries and enduring the consequences of surgical menopause, we want our daughters to have better options. Men typically do not choose surgery to prevent prostate cancer and almost no one chooses preventive surgery for pancreatic cancer. Surgery will never be an option for preventing melanoma.

Altering the options and protecting families from all types of BRCA cancers requires two communities coming together to create a better tomorrow. Families with BRCA mutations need to band together to demand the attention of the research community, to create the sense of urgency that our families deserve, and also to support research. Meanwhile, the research community needs to hear the voices of families and work to design research that will lead to the future we want.

The HeritX Prevention Advocacy Network (PAN) is the bridge between these two worlds. It is the opportunity for families to voice their dreams for a better future without surgery that keeps people healthy and whole. What do YOU want preventing BRCA cancers to look like for your children and your family? Is this a preventive vaccine? A pill? Or something else entirely? You can have a voice. Learn more here.

Please feel free to share this information with family and friends. The work we are undertaking is going to take voices and the support of a global village.

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Success for all of our children is in in your hands.


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