Near and dear to the team at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center is Dr. Kristin Anderson, a Fred Hutch researcher. Dr. Anderson was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer at 28, and later discovered she had a BRCA1 mutation.

Fred Hutch chose to share her story with its community of patients and families. The article discussed the positive aspects of genetic testing and the resources available for those living with BRCA and inherited cancer. Those resources include specialized clinics and HeritX.

Composed from a personal story of battling inherited cancer, this article truly highlights the immediate and intense needs for those living with BRCA mutations. Preventing BRCA cancers will help people from all walks of life—including researchers and people under age 30, like Dr. Anderson.

It is stories like these that have fueled and continue to fuel our passion and drive to find a preventive treatment for a disease that aggressively attacks its victims.

We thank you for bravely sharing your story, Dr. Anderson. It motivates us to work as hard and fast as humanly possible to find the solution to preventing inherited cancer.

Read Dr. Anderson’s story to learn how and when to test for an inherited cancer mutation.

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