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Join the HeritX Prevention Team

HeritX is on a mission to prevent inherited cancers, beginning with inherited BRCA cancers.

The HeritX Prevention Team is a community of people passionate about finding better ways to prevent cancers caused by inherited genetic mutations. It is a community of mothers and fathers who do not want their children and grandchildren to face the cancers that have riddled their families for generations. It is a team of friends who understand that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, especially when then disease is as devastating and deadly as cancer.

The Rules of the Road

This is a team with very few rules, and lots of choices.

Rule #1: Pick your activity, anything you like to do: walk, run, dance, celebrate a birthday or other milestone, celebrate a friend. The possibilities are endless.

Rule #2: Set up a fundraising page and pick a goal. Add your story, photos, videos and anything else you want. (We are here to help if you need it)

Rule #3: Tell your friends and have fun!

Where does the money go?

It goes to fund research to discover non-surgical ways to prevent inherited BRCA cancers; not just breast and ovarian cancer but all cancers caused by BRCA mutations including pancreatic cancer, male breast cancer, prostate cancer and melanoma.