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Our Mission

HeritX is a global research and development (R&D) organization solely focused on preventing inherited cancer. Our mission is to find a preventive therapy for inherited cancer—and ultimately other cancers— using the BRCA gene mutation as the key.

HeritX is a patient-driven nonprofit organization that brings the voices of the people with inherited cancer into the early stages of the R&D process. Our methodology includes an accelerated R&D roadmap to prevention that fosters goal-focused collaboration among people with different areas of expertise and backgrounds.

This approach propels potential preventive therapies (a vaccine, a pill, etc.) more quickly to FDA approval, giving those at risk of these aggressive and deadly diseases the opportunity to live life cancer free.

We believe that preventing inherited cancer is within our reach, but we can’t do it without you. Join the fight and help make cancer prevention a reality today.

Together, we can change the fate of families with inherited cancer mutations and create a legacy of health.

You can help end inherited cancer

No child should face the overwhelming threat of inherited cancer. It doesn’t have to be this way. We have a plan to prevent inherited cancer that will only succeed with your support. Create a legacy of health and keep families healthy and whole, generation after generation. Donate now.

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