Prevention Advocacy Network Forum at Menorah Medical Center

Kansas City Prevention Advocacy Network Form

Kansas City Prevention Advocacy Network Form

The Kansas City BRCA community enthusiastically embaced HeritX’s mission of preventing inherited cancers, starting with BRCA cancers. More than 50 people participated in HeritX’s Prevention Advocacy Network forum at Menorah Medical Center in Kansas City in April.  Dr. Stephanie Graff, a medical oncologist at the Sarah Cannon Cancer Institute who specializes in breast cancer and counseling families at genetic risk for cancer, was the guest speaker.  She presented an overview of how BRCA mutations cause cancer as well as the current options for preventing cancers in BRCA mutation carriers.  She noted the great need for non-surgical options for preventing BRCA cancers.

HeritX’s presentation, done by Wendy Felson, HeritX’s Community Engagement Coordinator and Joi Morris, HeritX’s General Counsel and Senior Vice President of Alliances, created a lot of enthusiasm for HeritX’s mission.

I liked HeritX’s ideas and message of HOPE…and knowing that someone is fighting for “us!”
~Kansas City PAN Participant

Much of the highly active and engaged discussion centered around ideas for cancer prevention how effective such new preventions would need to be for people who are at high risk of cancer to consider changing their management options.  Many people expressed strong interest in the availability of new options for preventing BRCA cancers.  Additional discussion focused on the need for a test that could identify early cancer or even pre-cancer.  The families expressed strong interest in tests, including blood tests, that could be identify early cancer even before it could be found through imaging.  This generated much discussion of how such a test might impact peace of mind during surveillance and health management options.  Dr. Graff stayed throughout the evening to answer additional questions that emerged as a result of the new prevention ideas that were discussed.

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