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Historically, it often takes decades to find the right idea and turn it into an available therapy.

Our Accelerated Roadmap Will Achieve a
Preventive Therapy . . .
Faster Than Traditional Timelines.

We Start with the Goal in Mind:
Not Getting Cancer

A different focus: prevention. A faster speed of progress. We started by bringing together researchers, drug developers, patients and stakeholders to define the shared goal: a safe pre-cancer intervention (PCI). We created a roadmap with the actions and milestones to achieve this goal, addressing all aspects required for an FDA-approved therapy. 

We Find The Best Ideas
From All Fields

We connect beyond traditional boundaries to find fresh ideas and pre-existing solutions- from inside and outside oncology. We bring together creative minds from different fields to spark out-of-the box thinking.

Propel Them Into Therapies Through Parallel Work Streams

We work simultaneously on all phases of development from Day 1. This allows us to anticipate hurdles and gives us the time to set up faster solutions.

Traditional Research is….

  • Often limited to one cancer or field
  • Almost entirely focused on treating cancer after it occurs
  • Designed as an individual project to increase knowledge versus connected projects leading to an approved therapy
  • Often focused on big investments to generate ideas rather than turning ideas into available therapies with the right support

Traditional Drug Development…

  • Takes 15 years on average to turn an idea into an approved therapy, not even accounting for the years or decades to find this idea
  • Is conducted sequentially, step after step, interrupted by months of decision making